New Balance 860V4 Review

First Impression on the New Balance 860V4 trail shoe:

 What is it?

The New Balance 860V4 shoe is a highly structured, heel striking shoe (about 12mm drop) come in hand with most features of a stable road shoe, with a water resistant mesh upper as well as a lugged outsole made for mellow trails and winter runs.

It is made to protect even the hardest foot strikers, whether Clydesdale or Athena. New Balance being an equal opportunity running company have kept their hard work at the top notch on their entire line up. Thus we have the New Balance 860V4 trail shoe, which is not only lighter and faster than most of its competition in the stability shoe market, but also more comfortable as well.

There is no single doubt that at first glance these shoes look like an ideal women’s stability shoe for those who have flat feet. With quite a cheerful color scheme and design, the New Balance 860V4 shoes are surprisingly a plus to the generally neutral palette of stability shoes. Fitted with a well-constructed NB’s T-Beam technology in combination with a high density EVA foam and ABZORB® Crash Pad it provides maximum stability for overpronaters. What’s more, the 860v4 incorporates a unique Ndurance rubber outsole to withstand wear and tear on those long runs.

Generally, my preference is to run in neutral shoes, however the New Balance 860V4 shoe was a surprise to say the least. These shoes were not clunky to run in and the interesting part is that they were lightweight and comfortable. Weighing in at 8.8 ounces (for a woman size 7), these shoes provided incredible support and comfort, doing what they were designed to do and perfecting quite well.

Did we mention that this a great shoe all around? Of course it’s a quality shoe for those women who crave for maximum support in heavy landing and heel striking and form those women who will be continuously running primarily on flat trails or wintery roads with little more than rolling hills.

This shoe have managed to put a lot of good impression, although it have delivered quite some enjoyable runs. Its distinguishing feature is worth the uproar as it provides a hell lot of underfoot structure without feeling heavy. Quite a masterpiece I must say!


 Comfort and Protection

All shoes in this class (comfort trail shoes) are well fitted with thick midsoles plus a highly developed uppers. What’s more they are well designed for comfort ability. The New Balance does a pretty job with these designs- they feel magnificently comfortable and they a more stable on the landing which basically has an upshot for energy as well as efficiency. The good thing is, they are extremely supportive for those longer runs and heavier runners. Overall, the comfort is extremely outrageous.

 Energy Efficiency

No doubt, this shoe is on the firmer side of the crush spectrum-meaning that it has lots of foam that very well handles heavy landing, however it doesn’t overdo it on squishy cush. This means that the 860V4 trail feels energetic on the trail, not really damp or sluggish! One word, perfect!


These are not specifically speed shoes, but then again that energy efficiency as well as reasonably low overall weight that it possesses allows you push the stride just a bit higher compared to related comfort trail shoes, which is basically interesting. In case you are that woman, who desire to go an extra mile when doing your daily work out, New Balance 860V4 shoes are the most recommended trail shoes that for sure doesn’t disappoint.

 Foot Security

There is nothing good like knowing that you can trail through long paths without worrying how safe your feet are. But you don’t have to panic, the New Balance 860V4 is here with us with a good upper structure and a well-made heel counter which helps ease slippage of the foot in off-kilter as well as steep terrain. Unlike other shoes, the New Balance 860V4 interior feel conspicuously more safe than average. Definitely 100% locked down.

 Agility and Traction

The New Balance trail shoe has pretty good agility and traction as compared to similar road shoes. The well fitted lugs have a lots of surface area touching the ground therefore they are finest on firm surfaces as well as adequate penetration.

The reasonably secure upper (just a notch above average) as well as fir-mish midsole give hint of confidence in rocky terrain. Quite a good experience, don’t you think?

 Testing the New Balance 860V4

My testing phase on the New Balance 860V4 included runs of varying purpose and length. I ran for a distance of 6 miles which included sprint training runs (on both track and pavement), tempo training runs and distance run at an easy pace. I must say I was very impressed by the cool footed feel of the shoe which did not disappoint in speed or tempo workouts thanks to the midsole rubber outsole combo. The midsole on this is Acteva Lite, which is up to 25% lighter than previous midsoles. In a nutshell, it strikes a good balance between cushioning and feel.

With a rating of between 4 to 5 star on Amazon and eBay, New Balance 860V4 is ideal for flat trails, heavy runners, rolling trails, heel runners, pronators and winter roads. It comes with a pocket friendly price for those women who really need a good trail shoe.

Final Verdict! New Balance 860V4 has magnificently merged excellent attributes of neutral shoes with the correct cushioning and stability as far as flat feet is concerned. It combines the right cushioning with a tremendous feeling on the road and comes aboard in two attractive combinations.

Priced at $114.99, it’s quite a great option for those who need such type of pronation control irrespective of the skill level. Quite an outlandish shoe that is well recommended.

 Bottom Line

The New Balance 860V4 fills a niche and offers a little more support for over pronators, however it seems to focus on those who are a bit heavier or have a wide feet. The heel unit is wide and a most people (myself included) will feel lost in it.

For those who fit the trail description, these will be great. We give it an 8.5 out of 10. Head over to New Balance shoe website and have a quick check out for yourself.

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