Can Flat Feet Be Fixed?

Infants usually have flat feet when they’re born, and then develop arches by the time they’re adolescents.

By the time adulthood is reached, most people have a natural arch beneath both feet. But several things can lead to fallen arches or arch deformity.

And sometimes it’s as simple as an injury or under-working the arches themselves which causes flattening.

Decades ago, the general belief was that the condition was irreversible.

But scientific studies have proven that original thought to be biased and inconclusive; leading those who suffer the condition tend to eventually ask one common question: Can flat feet be fixed?
Like many other types of severe foot injuries, sharp pains and unbearable discomfort are usually associated with fallen arches.

Today, medical professionals can help correct the problem through surgery, but expect high expenses and to be out of commission with pain medications and potential casts or splints for days or weeks at a time.

However, if you take the time and effort at home, you may be able to lift your arches and self-correct the foot pain without the extra stress, medical costs and potential loss of work.


Most exercise programs hone in on large muscle groups and just assume the feet will always be there to propel the rest of the body. In yoga, concentrated focus is placed, in different positions, directly on the feet.

The toes are made to grip items, ankles are stretched and twisted, heels are ground into the floor, and the base of the foot is rocked and wiggled until it settles into its perfectly grounded placement.

Then, and only then, is the rest of the body adjusted to align with the feet. And if anything’s ever off, you simply readjust the feet until the position feels more comfortable.
Special foot concentrated poses allow you to choose which options best suit your needs. You can practice sitting poses on the floor or chair. Standing options may encompass the entire body and incorporate deep stretching and balance.

Lying poses offer relaxation as you stretch your required areas. Even inverted, knee placement poses, or utilizing solid objects such as a wall may offer specialty relief. As you work specific poses, you may notice your arch rebuilding ever so slowly.

Focusing on the practice, not the time, will help heal the injury. And with all fitness plans, if something hurts or feels weird, stop and try again another day. Yoga is a patient practice. You need to be patient as well to avoid further injuries.

Barefoot Walking

There’s a reason yoga and other natural healing practitioners roam barefoot. Grounding oneself to the earth is a real and scientifically proven way to improve one’s overall health.

While shoes and other expensive items are available, the best way to benefit from the earth’s power is to simply walk barefoot whenever possible.

Now, obviously most people can’t do that regularly. But if you’re at home, at a park, or even around concrete on a humid day, a half hour of barefoot walking can do wonders for your feet.

Shoes, padding and synthetic materials absorb that energy. But without that insulation, our bodies act as conductors.

It’s a highly guarded secret our ancestors took to their graves. Barefoot walking helps to absorb enough natural energy to eliminate inflammation and reverse many cellular level diseases without the aid of synthetic medications. But it’s not an instant remedy.

It takes commitment and practice like anything else. Half an hour daily, a few days per week should have you feeling better and notice improved arches within a couple months.

While barefoot walking is typically comfortable on its own, minimalist or earthing footwear can also aid in grounding when going barefoot is treacherous or otherwise unacceptable (ie: dangerous elements, social events, work, church, etc.)

Losing Weight

Heavy set people often have the most painful foot problems, including weak or flat arches. Poorly fitting footwear, bad diets, and of course, the extra weight all add to bone fatigue. Eventually, the body just crushes under the pressure.

Losing weight can, and usually does, correct the issues. The body is a miraculous machine. It’s just waiting to fix itself if given the opportunity. However, it needs time.

Too many crash diets lead to body confusion. Giving a year or two to specific improvements is necessary for the brain to make the permanent realization that change is imminent.

Even losing 10-20 pounds per year can lift fatigue, reverse the onset of premature aging, and halt many potential health threats that are already changing your cellular makeup.

Countless studies, clinical trials, references, and even T.V show personalities (Dr, Oz, anyone?) summarize and promote all of the above facts.

But nothing matters if you don’t do it. And no one can make it happen or do it for you. The effort must come from you and you alone.

But with that effort comes miraculous rewards. Apply any or all of the above and you’ll be rid of flat feet once and for all.