Brooks Dyad 8 Running Shoe Review

Brook Dyad 8 Model And Review


  • Remarkable Comfort
  • Great Stability And Support
  • Flat Feet Super Friendly
  • Motion Control Features


  • Heavier Than Comparable Models
  • Narrow Fit. Most People Found It to Be Good. Only Some Complained

Verdict: More than anything else, the Dyad 8 is best suited for people with flat,  feet. So, if you're in the market looking for a pair that will help to support your flat feet, this is the product you need to buy.


If you are a regular jogger and you have flat-feet, you know by now how painful it is to run wearing normal shoes.

Shoes that lack proper cushioning and support are just not going to work for you thanks to the complete absence of arches under your feet.

The medical condition also comes in your way even when you need to run or walk for a long period of time. In fact, there was a time when people with flat-feet were not allowed to run at all.

But thankfully, with shoes being made with this particular ailment in mind, it's easy to find a pair for your feet that will provide just enough support and ease the burden.

When you run without proper support, you may suffer from overpronation. Pronation is the inward movement of the foot, when, after heel-strike, it comes down and forms a stable platform for it to support the weight of the body.

A person with flat foot, however, overpronates, meaning, after the heel makes contact with the ground, the ankle rolls a bit too much (more than 15 degrees) to the inside, lessening the contact your foot makes with the ground.

This forces the big toe to do most of the work when the foot needs to push off the ground again. In other words, your feet and ankle are going to have a harder time stabilizing your body. In fact, it may cause injuries.

Your arches may collapse in and lead to injuries which, of course, you want to avoid at all costs. But there is a solution to this.

Read on to know how the advanced stability and arch support of the Brook Dyad 8 may prove to be the perfect pair for you.

Brooks Dya- 8 Review

The Brook Dyad Eight has a stunningly cool design while being perfect for your specialized needs.

Whether you have flat-feet or you just need additional orthotic support, the Brook Dyad 8 is designed to provide you solutions for both.

The shoe is built on a linear platform that helps Flat Feet go through a smooth transition.

While it's not as lightweight as one might want it to be, it comes with great padding and is extremely comfortable. Plus, its ultimate sock liner adds to its comfort. On top of that, it is equipped with a BioMoGo DNA in its mid sole that ensures greater flexibility.

All in all, this pair will make sure that your feet are comfortable and not exhausted after a long day of walking.

Benefits of Dyad-Eight

You will find this shoe to be very compact. Besides that, its enhanced cushioning makes it remarkably comfortable to use.

The shoe is great for stability and support with its linear platform and synthetic soles. It can also provide arch support for users with flat feet. The shoe has a removable insole which can be used with additional orthotic support.

Moreover, the shoe comes with dual stability arch pods which act as passive supports. It helps to keep contact of the foot with the ground at all times for added stability to ensure an injury free journey.

Also, its Omega flex groves offer very good traction and makes it safer for you to run on wet surfaces as well.

The Dyad model 8 also offers additional support in the mid sole area. Plus the hydro flow present in its rear and forefoot effectively aids in shock absorption to prevent foot injury.

The shoe has a relatively broad base which is great for users with flat feet. The broad base also prevents feet from curling inwards during running or walking. The shoe comes with a motion control gear to alleviate the running experience.

The out sole of the shoe is made of HPR plus, abrasion resistant rubber which makes it unbelievably durable. The upper part of the neutral running show is made of moisture managing mesh material to keep feet dry and cool at all times.

And it's Internal support saddle ensures a secure fit for a smooth running experience.

The shoe also boasts a low heel to toe drop (9 mm only), making it a barefoot or minimalist running experience.

Cons of Brooks Dyad Eight

You will find that the shoes are a bit heavy compared to other running shoes. The Men's shoe weigh 357 grams and the women's one weighs 298 grams.

If you are among those who use lightweight shoes and are mainly light runners, then this pair might not be the ideal one for you.

Another con of the shoe is its fit. The shoe is a bit narrow and will be discomforting for runners who have wide feet.

Though buying a bigger size might serve as a workaround to this problem.

Who Can Benefit The Most From Dyad 8?

The Brook-Dyad truly offers a stellar experience. It's comfortable, flexible and durable.

The awesome cushioning it proves will keep your foot safe from excessive force. Even after 400 kilometers of use, it retains its form.

But that obviously comes with a price: its weight. The Dyad 8 isn't lightweight and, as a result, is not appropriate for runners who plan to run any more than 10 miles as it will tire you eventually.

But that's not to say that it's not meant for runners.

More than anything else, the Dyad Eight is best suited for people with flat, feet. So, if you're in the market looking for a pair that will help to support your flat feet, this is the product you need to buy.

Where to Purchase the Brooks?

The Dyad 8 is available in various local niche shops and even shops that sell high-end products. If, however, you can't find them on there, you can always look for them on amazon, where they are always in stock.

The price of the Dyad 8 ranges from $85 to $120 depending on where you shop.


Whether you're a runner or simply in need of a shoe that will help overcome the lack of arches under your feet, the Dyad Eight Sneaker will provide.

It's extremely comfortable, methodical in how it keeps you safe and highly durable, meaning you won't need to buy a new pair in a very long time.


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