Best Shoes For Bunions For Women And Men 2017 (Models & Reviews)


Bunions are painful boney protrusions of the big toe joint. They affect 1 in 3 people, and 90% of those are female. While bunions for men aren’t anywhere near as common, they do occur.

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There are several myths, generalizations, and stereotypes about how bunions are formed. Some may be caused by arthritis, but the majority are caused by overpronation.

Overpronation is typically an inherited condition in while your feet roll inward toward the big toe while walking or standing. It can cause serious foot health conditions including bunions.

Certainly narrow shoes and high heels can add to the problem, but they’re rarely the cause. If you’ve ever suffered the condition, you’re aware of the intense pain bunions can cause. And if not, we hope you never do. But there is a way to limit your risks and avoid surgical procedures. Just replace your ill-fitting footwear with any of the following best footwear for bunions.

Walking Shoes:


New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoe

New Balance Men's MW928 Walking Shoe

These rocker-style shoes may look unusual, but they feel amazing. The Rollerbar tech helps to stabilize the body as you walk.

Midfoot cushioning and serious arch support help reduce the tendencies toward pronation.

And the wide toe box gives ample room for your foot to relax and promote the healing process. These are especially good for wide feet. Give them a try to find out for yourself just why they’re among the best for bunions.


Easy Spirit Women’s Romy Walking Shoe

Easy Spirit Women's Romy Walking Shoe

This ultra comfortable walking shoe is extremely flexible, has deep cushioning and a foam sock liner. Any type of foot pain can be aided with this shoe.

Ten color options keep it fun and interesting. But regardless of fashion choice, if you enjoy walking – the dog, in the mall, or just to the mailbox – this is the shoe for you.

It’s lightweight, comfortable, and affordable. And let’s face it, you’re likely not going to find this quality in a local discount store.

If foot pain is a concern, you need to treat your feet to a good pair of walking shoes before the problems get out of hand.

Propet Women’s Travel Walker Shoe

Propet Women's Travel Walker Shoe

These adorable walkers are fun and effective for foot issues. The wide, protected toe box can easily contain and support a budding bunion or two, while the padded insole reduces foot fatique on your walking adventure. Suede covered mesh helps reduce moisture build up and 7 color options keep the compliments coming. These are not waterproof, however, and will soak through if worn in the rain. Applying a good leather treatment is therefore an important step to ensure they’re protected. Give these a try to find out why they’re a top choice for bunion relief.

Casual/Fashionable Shoes:


ECCO Men’s Fusion Casual Oxford

ECCO Men's Fusion Casual Oxford

These aged leather Oxfords have a classic bicycle toe and will draw attention and compliments in any setting. Padded leather lining and the removable comfort fiber system insole provide plenty of comfort and support for your foot conditions, while allowing you to add your own personal orthotics.

These are especially recommended by professional podiatrists to aid and assist men with bunions. You’ll heal and look good in the process.


Propet Women’s Mary Jane

Propet Women's Mary Jane

These may not be the fanciest Mary Janes, but they are great for helping with bunion care.

Available in an array of sizes, including wide options, this classic shoe is a comfortable and stylish way to take control of foot concerns. Velcro closure offers easy security, and the padded collar gives extra support.

They’re able to take your own orthotics, but the footbed is so plush that you may never need to add anything. Be sure to wear thin socks as they do retain heat. And consider sizing as they tend to run narrow.

Clarks Women’s Clarks Alto Disco Wedge Sandal

Clarks Women's Clarks Alto Disco Wedge Sandal

This specific model is one of Clark’s most popular sellers and with good reason. It’s a stylish solution for gobs of foot problems. Podiatrist approved for bunion correction, you’ll have tons of fun getting compliments as you heal.

And no one will notice your orthotic issues because they’ll all be too busy asking where you got those adorable sandals! They are super comfortable and perfect for walking. They also tend to run a bit wide, so there’s no reason to fear slipping into these.

Dress Shoes:


Mt. Emey Men’s 708-L

Mt. Emey Men's 708-L

Your podiatrist knows what you need to cure your bunions: a wide toe box, seamless lining, and plenty of room for your personal orthotics. That’s why he recommends the Mt. Emey Men’s 708-L. It’s a complicated name for a simple solution. It’s made of synthetic material that looks like expensive leather. And it’s perfect for work or pleasure. The fit is true to size, so you can rest assured knowing it’ll be a great fit from the start.


Naturalizer Women’s Dhani Platform Sandal

Naturalizer Women's Dhani Platform Sandal


These rich leather 3” platform heels are killer sexy, super comfortable and easy on the feet. But that’s exactly what any woman expects from a brand like Naturalizer.

Priced FAR lower than most store prices, you can party or play guilt-free in these eye catching strappy dress sandals. The typical new shoe shake off doesn’t occur with this model. You’ll dance all night and not feel a pinch.

And in 6 cute color options, you can stock up and relive the fun as often as you want. They do tend to run wide, however, so try on in-store before buying online…if you can find them in stock at your local Naturalizer.

Check with in-store sizing if possible before ordering online to ensure your new beautiful dancing shoes fulfill your fashion dreams right out of the box.